Horizontal Initial Bar Necklace


  • Our design templates help you create your necklace

  • Change the initials, the fonts, and more

  • Available in silver, gold, and rose gold

  • Click customize to start designing

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Isn’t it funny how a single letter can represent so much? Initials help us honor loved ones, remember important relationships, and celebrate our own uniqueness in a simple, but effective way. To help you design a piece of initial jewelry you’ll love, we’ve created a collection of design templates for our horizontal initial bar necklace. Look through the categories and templates until one catches your eye. We’ve got a lot of different templates based on the number of initials you’d like to add.

Clicking on any template will display it on your chosen necklace. To add your initials, just click on the existing letters to change them. You may need to adjust the graphics slightly. If you’re feeling especially creative, go ahead and change the engraving color, the fonts, and add more graphics.

Our horizontal initial bar necklace is available in three stylish colors, silver, gold, and rose gold. Each is made of stainless steel and is approximately 1.5 inches long. Black and silver engraving options are available on all three finishes.

Initial bar necklaces are a great gift for family members and friends. Our customers have used the power of initials to celebrate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and graduations. We also think it’s a great treat for anyone looking to buy a gift for themself.

Want to start completely from scratch? Click here to see our blank horizontal bar necklace without template options.


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