Mini Initial Heart Necklace


  • Use our design templates to add your initials

  • Click customize to get started

  • Available in silver, gold, and rose gold

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Our mini initial heart necklace is a sweet and simple way to remember names and places that matter most. Whether you want the initials of a loved one, your own initials, or even the initials of a favorite city or team, this necklace is easily personalized thanks to our design templates.

How do they work? Simply choose a template based on the number of initials you’d like to add. It will automatically appear on your chosen necklace. Click on the selected text and highlight the initial in the box with your mouse. Then, just start typing! Because every initial combination is different, you may need to do some adjusting. You can change the color of the engraving, the placement, and more.

We love this necklace as a gift for others. It’s been especially popular as a gift for mothers, friends, and couples. Because of the quality engraving and the high level of personalization, anyone is sure to love it.

Each mini initial heart necklace is approximately 1.5 cm wide and 1.25 cm tall. An included chain runs directly through the charm. You can pick from stylish silver, gold, or rose gold finishes. Both white and black engraving is available.

Are you interested in starting completely from scratch with our mini heart necklace? Click here to see the blank version of this product. 


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