Brandon & Caitlin, Avery & Jaxon. Owners of EngraveCo. Not pictured – Jake the Goldendoodle.

Meet EngraveCo. I’m Brandon, and with the unwavering support and faith of my wife Caitlin, two super cute twins, and an incredible staff, I created EngraveCo. I grew up tinkering. I turned our family sandbox into a fort using scraps of wood and carpet from neighbors’ garbage. I took things apart to see what’s inside, hoping they’d work after I put them back together. I had a room full of Legos. You take that love for tinkering and building, flash forward 20 years, give that boy a laser engraving machine – you have a really excited boy and what would become EngraveCo.

When Caitlin called me the first night I got our first engraving machine, it was 11 pm and she had to talk me into coming home. I couldn’t get enough. It was tinkering at its finest. I was so amazed at how the machine worked and what it could do. I realized the possibilities to create and build were endless. I knew if there was a way to put the capabilities of the machine into the hands of others, some amazing things could be created. I was never satisfied with how other engraving companies offered personalized engraving. A simple text box was boring and limiting. If I could take text, stretch it, rotate it, flip it, and the machine was able to engrave that text, shouldn’t our customers be able to do the same thing? I had to find the perfect solution to give our customers the ability to create just as I did on that day I got our first laser engraving machine.

It took a little over a year to find that perfect solution – but you found it. On EngraveCo, you can drag and drop text, images, and clipart, anywhere you want. Rotate it, flip it, change the color, stretch it, overlap it. Whatever YOU want. You’re not limited to our technology. It’s the way custom engraving should be. If you want a single letter on the bottom of a necklace, go for it! If you want a picture of your family, with some text, and a wink emoji on the blade of a knife, go for it! Let your creativity run wild.

I’m excited to see what you create! If you have any questions or feedback for us, please reach out. I’d love to hear from you.

Brandon Young