Personalized Puzzle Friendship Necklace Set


  • Features fun puzzle shape with heart cutouts

  • Includes 2 necklaces in each set

  • Perfect for friends & family members

  • Click customize to start designing



A friendship necklace is a great way to celebrate an important relationship. It is made even more special when you can customize it. That’s exactly what our personalized puzzle friendship necklace set allows you to do. The charms are in the shape of a puzzle piece with a heart cut out of the corner. Each set comes with two necklaces and the pieces fit together when placed side by side. Because of this, it is the perfect reminder that our friends and family are an important piece of our lives. They’re great for birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions. Personalize your necklaces with a favorite quote, inside joke, or names and dates.

Each of our puzzle necklace charms is approximately one inch tall and just under an inch wide. Necklace chains are included.


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